Reading ‘Camelback’ Arrives at Age of Steam Roundhouse

Photo Courtesy of Age of Steam Roundhouse

By Railfan & Railroad Staff

SUGARCREEK, Ohio — The Age of Steam Roundhouse in Ohio took delivery of its 23rd steam locomotive on Monday: a rare Reading 0-4-0 “Camelback” locomotive that was last used by the Strasburg Rail Road in the 1960s. Reading Railroad 1187 was purchased by Age of Steam back in July and the museum plans on cosmetically restoring it for display. 

The rare locomotive was trucked to Ohio and arrived on two trailers on Monday. Another truck full of parts is expected to arrive on Wednesday. The camelback will join Age of Steam’s impressive fleet of steam locomotives that includes everything from a small 0-4-0T to a 2-10-4. 

Locomotive 1187 was built in 1903 and was specially designed to burn the smokeless anthracite “hard coal” found in deposits across the eastern part of Pennsylvania. Despite being outside for a number of years, the locomotive is mostly intact except for the wooden cab. That will be rebuilt. “Luckily, included with the locomotive’s purchase is the original drawing of #1187’s cab,” said Tim Sposato, Chief Mechanical Officer. “That will be a huge help in the cosmetic restoration of this rare little switcher.”

This article was posted on: August 4, 2020