JUNE 2022: In his latest photo essay, Kevin EuDaly explores the Kansas City Southern system on the eve of its merger with Canadian Pacific. While the interurbans are long gone, Charles Freericks takes us on a tour of a number of Pacific Electric lines that remain in operation today. Stephen Host brings us north to the busy switching districts around Sarnia, Ontario, while Ken Rattenne remembers Amtrak’s west coast Domeliners. All this and more in the June issue of Railfan & Railroad!

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June 2022

Volume 41, No. 6


Kansas City Southern: The Clock Is Ticking

by Kevin EuDaly — With the impending Canadian Pacific merger, time is running out to capture pure KCS action.

Amtrak’s Domeliner

by Ken Rattenne — The Coast Starlight closed out the era of steam-heated dome observation cars on Amtrak’s western long-haul trains.

Ghosts of the Pacific Electric

by Charles Freericks — While the interurbans are long gone, a number of former PE lines remain in operation today for freight and passengers.

Portraits of Railroading

by James D. Porterfield — This survey of paintings and illustrations celebrates the monumental infrastructure of bridges, trestles, and viaducts.

Switching Around Sarnia

by Stephen Host — Sarnia, Ontario, is home to Class I action, as well as a number of short lines and private industrial operations.


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