End of the Line: SEPTA AEM-7s Being Sold For Scrap

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority AEM-7 2306 leads an evening rush express train to Newark, Del. at Prospect Park, Pa. The old electrics are finally being sold for scrap. Photo by M.T.Burkhart

End of the Line: SEPTA AEM-7s Being Sold For Scrap

By M.T.Burkhart

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The end appears to be finally near for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority’s fleet of AEM-7 electrics, according to a procurement notice that puts the locomotives up for bid.

SEPTA’s seven AEM-7’s, 2301 to 2307, were delivered in 1987, while ALP-44 2308 came in 1996. They served mostly on weekday rush-hour trains in push-pull fashion and were replaced in 2018 by new ACS-64 locomotives.

Despite being bumped from revenue service, a handful of the AEM-7s ran until early December 2021 on late-night “wash trains” that blast sticky residue off the tracks from fallen leaves.

The sale of the electrics – which also includes the ALP-44 – calls for the “scrapping and full removal” with the work to be done at the carrier’s Frazer, Pa. shop. Also included is a Silverliner III car that has remained on the property since those electric MU’s were retired a decade ago.

“Dismantling may occur on-site prior to removal,” the bid states. “Removal of the rolling stock will be the responsibility of the company awarded the offering and included in their purchase offer.”


This article was posted on: February 1, 2022