Class One Service Woes Continue Out West

By Justin Franz 

LIVINGSTON, Calif. — The U.S. Surface Transportation Board has ordered Union Pacific to continue to provide preferred service to a California poultry producer. 

On June 15, Foster Farms filed a petition with the STB to issue an emergency service order due to deteriorating rail service from UP. In its complaint, the customer said that it was not getting the grain it needed to feed its livestock and maintain its obligations to customers in the short term. On June 17, the STB issued an emergency service order directing UP to ensure that unit trains serving Foster Farms were moving across its system as fast as possible. The board also directed UP to provide it with regular updates on it was improving service. 

Foster Farms has told the STB that service has improved, however, it would like the STB to continue monitoring the situation. The STB agreed and stated on June 28 that it would continue to keep an eye on UP’s service of Foster Farms for at least another 30 days. 

The emergency service order came as UP and other Class I railroads struggle to provide their normal level of service to customers. Last month, BNSF announced that it would embargo some carload traffic going to California to alleviate congestion

In response to the many service issue seen on the nation’s rail network this year, the STB has proposed making it even easier for customers to request emergency service

This article was posted on: July 8, 2022