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Photo Line: Along the Line 2023

Metro-North Waterbury branch Train 1916 rolls east on the New Haven Line at East Bridgeport, Conn., with P32AC-DM 201 leading the way wearing its Conrail heritage scheme on November 14. This unit is one of several wrapped to celebrate predecessor railroads as part of the Metro-North’s 40th anniversary. Photo by Roman Daniels. 

Photo Line: Along the Line 2023

Every year, our readers share their trackside experiences with us for our annual “Along the Line” gallery. Over the past year, we saw a variety of heavy main line action, colorful short lines, vintage steam and diesel excursions, and the transition of ownership for many lines large and small. Simply put, the variety was outstanding, and we hope you enjoy this selection of images as we travel “Along the Line” through 2023, documenting trains from coast to coast and beyond. You can find the full selection of images in the March 2024 edition of Railfan & Railroad (Subscribe today!).


Unofficial Heritage Unit

During the second half of 2023, a few CSX EMD GP40-2s had their noses “touched up” by an unknown artist(s). The most recent was CSX 6394 of Richmond, Fredricksburg & Potomac heritage. The unofficial “heritage unit” is seen leading Train L810 through Taylorsville, Ga., on December 4. Besides RF&P, Chessie System was also represented in CSX’s new unofficial heritage unit program. Photo by Kyle Yunker.


BNSF at Lombard

A westbound manifest freight train led by BNSF ES44C4 6781 curves by the Missouri River on Montana Rail Link’s 2nd Subdivision at Lombard, Mont., on May 1. In the background is a former Milwaukee Road bridge. Photo by Jason Paul Sailer. 


Rio Grande K-28s at 100

On October 16, Denver & Rio Grande Western 473, a 1923-built K-28 class 2-8-2, leads sister 476 along the cliffs of Granite Point outside of Rockwood, Colo. This scene was part of a mid-train helper photo charter operated by Durango & Silverton to honor the 100th anniversary of these K-28 class locomotives. Photo by Ben Kletzer.


Last Run on the North Shore

On August 31, the crew of CSX BO-1 poses on the pilot of Pan Am Railways (Maine Central) GP40-2LW 516 to mark the final run to Peabody, Mass., following the closing of the Rousselot plant there. Inside the plant, the locomotive was posed on the “acid track” while the plant Trackmobile was staged on the “bone track.” The event marked the end of 173 years of rail service on the South Reading Branch. Photo by Wayne Johnson. 


Cane Creek Branch

On the morning of September 22, Union Pacific’s Potash Turn (symbol LGB51B) has just finished serving Intrepid Potash just outside of Moab, Utah, and is about to enter the long rock cut at the Corona Arch Trailhead, as it heads north on the Cane Creek Branch back toward Grand Junction, Colo. Photo by Mathieu Tremblay. 


Granite State Plow Extra

Using two borrowed MBTA plows, New Hampshire Northcoast ran a plow extra with GP18 1801 on March 5. The extra is at Jones Forest in Milton, N.H. Photo by Justin Winiarz.

This article was posted on: February 15, 2024