Oregon Coast Scenic Purchases Large Collection of Steam Locomotives

Oregon Coast Scenic plans on restoring some of the locomotives and selling the rest. Part of the Fred M. Kepner collection is seen here in Merril. Photo Courtesy of Martin Hansen. 

Oregon Coast Scenic Purchases Large Collection of Steam Locomotives

By Railfan & Railroad Staff

MERRILL, Ore. — Fourteen steam locomotives owned by an Oregon man for decades have been sold to the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, which plans on restoring some and selling others. The collection, curated over a half-century by Fred M. Kepner, was sold to OCSR after the owner passed away this fall. 

Kepner’s collection was mostly stored in Merril, in the southern part of the state, and was one of the largest collections of privately held steam locomotives in the country. It includes many notable locomotives from the western United States, including a Sierra Railroad 2-6-6-2.

At least four locomotives will be moved to OCSR’s home base in Garibaldi, including Sierra Railroad 2-6-6-2 38, Pickering Shay No. 8, and two Oregon-American Lumber 2-6-2 locomotives, 104 and 105. 

Kepner spent many years saving steam locomotives that other people were unable to rescue. In one instance, 2-6-6-2 38 was offered by the Rayonier (which purchase it from the Sierra) to any museum that wanted it, but no one could cover the moving costs. Kepner devised a plan to get the National Guard to move it as part of a heavy equipment exercise. 

The locomotives that are now up for sale include Mc Bryde Sugar 0-6-0 (30-inch gauge), Glen Alden Corp. 0-4-0 28 (36-inch gauge), Long Bell Lumber 2-6-2 4, Oregon Pacific & Eastern 2-6-2T 1, Great Northern 2-8-0 1246, Sierra Railroad 2-8-0 18, Sierra Railroad 2-8-2 36, Charles McCormick Lumber 2-8-2 100, Bonhomie & Hattiesburg 2-8-2 300, and Sierra Railroad 2-8-2 34. There are also two cranes and a diesel for sale. 

People interested in making an offer on any can contact: Martin E. Hansen, Francis Hansen & Martin, 1148 NW Hill Street, Bend, OR 97703-1914, Phone (541) 389-5010, ‌‌meh@francishansen.com.

This article was posted on: December 19, 2021