No Cheyenne Frontier Days Train in 2019

No Cheyenne Frontier Days Train in 2019

While we have enjoyed our partnership with Union Pacific, due to the company’s utilization of its historic rail cars in 2019 and beyond, The Denver Post Cheyenne Frontier Days Train will no longer operate. On behalf of The Denver Post and The Denver Post Community Foundation, we thank you for your past support and participation and hope we have an opportunity for continued support in the future. For further information on Union Pacific and its Steam program please visit up.com/heritage/steam.

This event started in the early 1900s and as of 2018, The Denver Post took 700+ ticketed passengers up the rails on a steam engine train to Cheyenne, Wyo., for a grand ol’ day at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Train enthusiasts from across the country and the metro area came to experience a day of fun and the joys of riding a train pulled by [one of] the only operating steam engine[s] in the country, the Union Pacific 844.

—Denver Post Community Foundation

This article was posted on: January 21, 2019