First Diesel-Electric Locomotive Restored at B&O Museum

Central Railroad of New Jersey 1000 has been restored to its original livery and will be on display in the roundhouse until August 21. Photo Courtesy of the B&O Railroad Museum.

First Diesel-Electric Locomotive Restored at B&O Museum

By Railfan & Railroad Staff

BALTIMORE — The first commercially built diesel-electric locomotive in the world has been cosmetically restored at the B&O Railroad Museum. 

The locomotive, Central Railroad of New Jersey 1000, made its public debut following the restoration this past weekend and is presently on display inside the museum’s historic roundhouse. It will remain there until August 31, when it’s likely placed back at its normal display site on the property. 

In 1925, General Electric, in partnership with Ingersoll-Rand and the American Locomotive Company, created the first commercially successful diesel-electric locomotive for CNJ. Locomotive 1000’s boxy body, traction motors, and trucks fell in line with the light electric locomotives of the time and was an instant success. Almost immediately, other railroads followed suit and purchased their own version of the diesel as managers realized that the locomotives were more efficient yard switchers because of their maneuverability and cost-effective operation. On June 13, 1957, CNJ 1000 retired from service and was donated to the B&O Railroad Museum.

The cosmetic restoration is part of a plan to prepare for the 200th anniversary of American railroading in 2027. The restoration was completed in memory of Robert D. Timpany, trustee of the Central Railroad of New Jersey, and made possible with the generous support of individual donors and the Baltimore National Heritage Area.

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This article was posted on: August 17, 2021