Amtrak Releases New ‘King Tut’ ACS-64

Amtrak ACS-64 number 606, wrapped for National Geographic’s “Beyond King Tut” exhibit, makes its first run with Northeast Regional Train 178 headed for Boston at Bristol, Pa., between Philadelphia and Trenton, on July 28. Photo by M.T.Burkhart.

Amtrak Releases New ‘King Tut’ ACS-64

By M.T.Burkhart

PHILADELPHIA – Amtrak’s latest advertisement-wrapped locomotive made its debut Thursday afternoon on the Northeast Corridor.

Amtrak ACS-64 electric 606 was wrapped in Ivy City in recent days to promote the “Beyond King Tut” exhibit at the National Geographic Society in Washington D.C. It joins sister ACS-64 662 which remains in its “Phase III” throwback colors for Dovetail Games promoting Train Sim World 2.

The history exhibit runs through February 2023 and celebrates the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

The locomotive, in black and gold, was spotted outside the engine terminal in Washington D.C. early Thursday afternoon. Later in the day it led Northeast Regional Train 178 headed for Boston.

This is the second wrap for Amtrak 606 – which wore a winter billboard for Coca-Cola in late 2019 and early 2020. And back in 2012, Amtrak Cascades F59PHI 470 wore a similar King Tut design for a Seattle exhibit.

This article was posted on: August 1, 2022