Amtrak Begins Painting Older Equipment Into New Phase VII Scheme

The new scheme that was first introduced on ALC-42 locomotives is being rolled out on older locomotives and rolling stock, include Amtrak P42 174, seen in Washington D.C. this week. Photo by Matt Donnelly/Amtrak.

Amtrak Begins Painting Older Equipment Into New Phase VII Scheme

By Justin Franz 

Amtrak’s new paint scheme — the Phase VII livery first introduced on Siemens ALC-42 locomotives — is now being applied to older locomotives and rolling stock.

 Late last month, P42 174 was repainted into the blue, red and white scheme, becoming the first piece of legacy Amtrak equipment to wear the scheme. Brand Communications Manager Matt Donnelly tells Railfan & Railroad that upwards of a dozen P42 locomotives will be repainted into the new scheme this year. The P42s and other pieces of equipment will be repainted as they come in for work and paint renewal. 

A GP38-3, locomotive 740, that was recently purchased by Amtrak for maintenance of way service is also wearing the new paint scheme. Four other “new to Amrak” GP38-3s are also being prepped for paint. 

Amtrak P42 174 in fresh Phase VII sits next to ALC-42 342 in Washington D.C.’s Ivy City Yard this week. Photo by Matt Donnelly/Amtrak.

P42 82 is expected to emerge from the shop in Beech Grove, Ind., in the coming weeks also wearing the new livery. Locomotive 106, which is being worked on at the shop as well right now, likely became the last P42 to receive a fresh coat of Phase V, the scheme introduced in the early 2000s. 

Other equipment will also be getting Phase VII eventually, including Horizon, Viewliner, Amfleet and Superliner passenger cars beginning later this year. The HHP-8 electrics currently being converted into cab cars (and designated HHPCs) for use in the Northeast, will likely enter service this year in their current Phase V scheme because Wilmington, Del, where they are being prepared for service, does not have a paint booth. However, when feasible, those too will get Phase V, as will other electric locomotives. 


This article was posted on: February 8, 2024