AAR Urges Railroads to Park Defective Coil Cars

Loose wheels on a recently-built coil car may have caused one of the recent Norfolk Southern derailments in Ohio. Photo by Joseph Zadeh.

AAR Urges Railroads to Park Defective Coil Cars

By Railfan & Railroad Staff

The Association of American Railroads has advised railroads to remove about 675 coil cars from service after it was discovered to have possibly caused a derailment on Norfolk Southern in Ohio. The cars in question were recently built by National Steel Car of Hamilton, Ontario.

At least two of the cars were involved in a recent derailment in Springfield, Ohio, and it was during the investigation and cleanup that the loose wheels were discovered. According to AAR, the defect may have caused horizontal movement as the car traveled down the line.

AAR was advising the railroads to pull the cars from service and replace the wheelsets before putting them back on the main line. This past weekend, a group of the cars were already parked at NS’ Bellevue, Ohio, yard. 


This article was posted on: March 14, 2023