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“Along the Line 2020” Deadline is January 20

Photo by Otto M. Vondrak

“Along the Line 2020” Deadline is January 20

Camera BagDid you get trackside with your camera in 2020? Did you capture something rare, interesting, or scenic? If so, you might consider sharing your photos with your fellow readers in our annual “Along the Line” photographic year in review. This special photo line will appear in our March 2021 issue.

The rules are simple — any photo of any rail subject can be submitted, as long as it was taken in 2020. Each photographer can submit up to 10 photos for consideration. No prints, no slides. Digital photos can be submitted via our FTP server as TIFs or uncompressed JPGs. Images should be at 300 d.p.i. and measure at a minimum of 10 inches across the long dimension (3,000 pixels across). Photos can be adjusted for color and contrast, but should not be otherwise enhanced (i.e., don’t add or subtract any features to the photos). Send us the entire image and leave the cropping to us. Please include a Microsoft Word (.DOC) or plain text (.TXT) document that keys captions to your photos. The easier it is to properly match your material, the better your chances are of getting selected.

Rochester & Southern

Rochester & Southern at Warsaw, N.Y., photo by Otto M. Vondrak

For upload instructions, please contact editor Steve Barry and he will send the login for our FTP server. Please note, the FTP server we use for Along the Rails is different than what we use for feature submissions, and every year we find a few photos on the wrong FTP server long after the deadline has passed. You will also need to fill out a release form before we can use your photos, and emailing me first will ensure all the paperwork is done. Do not email your photo submissions to me, they will be deleted without consideration. The deadline for submissions is January 20, 2021.

We will likely be selecting a parting shot and possibly a cover from the submissions, so be sure to include a few verticals for consideration. We look forward to seeing your best work!

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This article was posted on: January 7, 2021