CPKC, CSX to Develop Hydrogen Locomotives

CSX will convert one of its diesel locomotives using a hydrogen conversion kit developed by CPKC. CP 1001 was the first hydro locomotive built by CP. Photo Courtesy of CPKC.

CPKC, CSX to Develop Hydrogen Locomotives

By Railfan & Railroad Staff

Canadian Pacific Kansas City and CSX Transportation are teaming up to build and deploy more hydrogen-powered locomotives, the two Class Is announced last week. 

In 2020, CP announced plans to develop North America’s first hydrogen-powered diesel locomotive for main line use. In 2022, the first H2OEL was released in Calgary. The locomotive’s classification stands for “hydrogen, zero-emissions locomotive.” The locomotive was built from former Central Maine & Quebec SD40-2F 9024 and since its release has been used around Calgary. Officials say it has successfully run more than 1,000 miles in revenue service. 

Now CPKC has developed a hydrogen conversion kit that can be used on diesel locomotives. CSX plans on converting at least one locomotive at its Huntington, W.Va., shops. 

“This innovative collaboration expands our hydrogen locomotive program beyond a single railroad and represents an exciting next step in proving the long-term viability of hydrogen as a solution to emissions reduction for our industry,” said Keith Creel, CPKC president and chief executive officer. “Our hydrogen locomotive went from concept to reality in 24 months with the first zero emissions hydrogen locomotive having already pulled freight in revenue service. We look forward to this collaboration as we work to create a lower carbon future.”    

Officials have not said when the first CSX locomotive would be released or what engine would be converted. 

“CSX looks forward to working as a partner with CPKC in the development of the hydrogen locomotive program as it demonstrates our commitment to implementing alternative fuel solutions that could further enhance our emissions performance and offer our customers an even more environmentally-friendly transportation solution,” said Joe Hinrichs, CSX president and chief executive officer. “This exciting initiative will greatly benefit from the expertise of CSX’s advanced, large-scale facilities, where the locomotives will be built.”

This article was posted on: June 27, 2023