NOVEMBER 2018: Timonthy Tonge takes us on a tour of Colorado’s Joint Line, where Union Pacific and BNSF Railway share busy main lines in the shadow of the Front Range. Gordon Lloyd traces the extensive second careers of Southern Pacific F-units all the way to the present day, while historian Jim Rowland wraps up his two-part feature on General Electric’s Alco rebuilds at Hornell, and Nick Benson shares the story of the unique Griswold crossing signals. All this and more in the November issue of Railfan & Railroad!

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November 2018

Volume 37, No. 11


Colorado’s Joint Line

by Timothy Tonge — Where Union Pacific and BNSF Railway share track in the shadow of the Front Range.

Dutchman’s Curve Wreck

by Ralcon Wagner — Local historians work together to mark the 100th anniversary of one of America’s deadliest railroad accidents in Tennessee.

The Second Lives of SP F-Units

by Gordon Lloyd Jr. — Southern Pacific’s fleet of streamlined F-units would find second careers far from home, and into the 21st century.

Meet The Griswolds

by Nick Benson — This innovative public grade crossing signal was once ubiquitous throughout the Upper Midwest; now only a few Griswolds remain.

When Alcos Came From GE: Part 2

by Jim Rowland — Follow the saga of Alco Centuries rebuilt for Delaware & Hudson from New York to New England and back again.


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