FEBRUARY 2018: On February 1 ,1968, the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroad merged to form the Penn Central, which ended just two years later in a financial disaster that threatened to take down the American rail system and everything with it. Historian Jerry Jordak explains the legacy left behind by PC, leading us to today’s modern railroad industry. Robert Scott takes us to Eastern Washington for a trip around the Columbia Basin Railroad, while Marcus Stevens updates us on the expanding operations of the Ontario Southland Railroad.  All this and more in the February issue of Railfan & Railroad!

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February 2018

Volume 37, No. 2


Columbia Basin Railroad

by Robert W. Scott — Focused on agriculture, this eastern Washington shortline operates segments of the old Northern Pacific and Milwaukee Road lines..

Penn Central Fifty Years Later

by Jerry W. Jordak — The 1968 merger of the Pennsylvania and New York Central would result in spectacular collapse and monumental changes to the industry..

The Picturesque Penn Central

by Otto M. Vondrak — Then and now, Penn Central ran through some of the most photogenic territory in the East. Enjoy this collection of PC photos past and present..

Success on the Southland

by Marcus W. Stevens — Ontario Southland keeps busy serving industrial customers on former Canadian National and Canadian Pacific branchlines.


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