JUNE 2018: Don’t you dare call them “commuter” trains… California’s “commutes” have served the San Francisco Peninsula for more than 150 years, but change is on the horizon. C.N. Southwell explores this former Southern Pacific territory before the route is electrified and obscured by a forest of overhead catenary. Jim Kleeman and Bill Kalkman take us on a tour of Delaware’s newest shortline Delmarva Central powered by classic EMDs, while Gavin Wilkes and Tyler Nolan take us down to Appalachian coal country on Norfolk Southern’s Christianburg District. All this and more in the June issue of Railfan & Railroad!

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June 2018

Volume 37, No. 6


The Peninsula Before the Wires

by C.N. Southwell — The Peninsula Commutes have been part of San Francisco’s railroading heritage for more than 150 years. With Caltrain embarking on an aggressive project to electrify the corridor, images of F40s hauling bi-levels through the last vestiges of classic Southern Pacific scenes will soon be lost forever.

Delmarva Central

by Jim Kleeman and Bill Kalkman — The Delmarva Peninsula has never ranked very high on the list of railfanning hot spots. It has moved up a few notches since the Delmarva Central began operations with its fleet of classic EMDs.

Portraits of Railroading: Colorful Freight

What does “colorful freight” mean to you? From traditional to avant-garde, we asked 12 artists to contribute their works that best illustrate this concept.

Christiansburg District

by Gavin Wilkes and Tyler Nolan — As part of Norfolk Southern’s intermodal Heartland Corridor between Norfolk and Chicago, this former coalfield district now sees more traffic than ever before.


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