JULY 2020: New Mexico’s Escalante Western Railway enjoyed a 35-year run conveying coal from mine mouth to power plant. As operations wound down this past April, photographers Joel Wendt, Dennis Stern, and Phillip Brahams explored this unique operation. We swing through eastern Oregon to explore the Union Pacific line through the Burnt River Canyon, while Steve Schmollinger takes us on a tour of busy Temple, Texas. All this and more in the July issue of Railfan & Railroad!

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July 2020

Volume 39, No. 7


Air Line Blues: Cayuga Spur Finale

by Greg McDonnell — Once part of the Wabash main line across Ontario, the end has come for the Cayuga Spur as Ontario Southland throws in the towel on this contract operation. Through boom and bust, this line has seen several operators try to keep the old “Canada Air Line” route alive.

Temple, Texas

by Steve Schmollinger — This busy Texas junction is host to a wide variety of BNSF Railway, Union Pacific, and Amtrak trains.

Portfolio: Trains at Night

by William Gill — Inspired by Jim Shaughnessy, one photographer follows the rails from city to scenic to capture the drama of night.

Escalante Farewell

by Joel Wendt — Thirty-five years of operation ended in April with the final load of coal to the Tri-State Escalante Generating Station.

Burnt River Rails

by Thomas Hillebrant — Union Pacific’s scenic Huntington Subdivision stretching from Hinkle to Nampa is a historic gateway into eastern Oregon.


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