FEBRUARY 2019: A BNSF Railway intermodal train soars over the Hell Canyon Viaduct on the former Santa Fe line to Phoenix. Alexander Mitchell takes us on a tour of the 200-mile BNSF Phoenix Sub. Justin Franz takes us trackside to chase Montana Rail Link’s “Gas Local,” while associate editor Otto Vondrak pays a visit to the Allentown & Auburn. Photographer Lou Gerard looks back at classic Chicago scenes from the 1970s, and you won’t want to miss our tribute to the Bush 41 Funeral Train. All this and more in the February issue of Railfan & Railroad!

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February 2019

Volume 38, No. 2


BNSF Phoenix Sub

by Alexander D. Mitchell IV — A Chicago–Phoenix intermodal train soars over the Hell Canyon Viaduct on the former Santa Fe line to Phoenix on November 27, 2018. This viaduct is one of two major bridges on the route and the scenic highlight of the 200-mile Phoenix Branch.

The Final Mission: Bush 41 Funeral Train

Union Pacific Railroad played a special part in the funeral procession for President George H.W. Bush this past December.

The Gas Local

by Justin Franz — More than 20 years strong, Montana Rail Link’s “Gas Local” plays a prominent role in ConocoPhillips’ energy chain.

Portfolio: Classic Chicago

by Lou Gerard — Growing up in a railroader’s family on Chicago’s north side planted the seed for Lou Gerard’s obsession with trains at an early age.

Allentown & Auburn

by Otto M. Vondrak — This four-mile former Reading branch was once part of a proposed link to the Alleghenies, and now it’s a popular heritage line.


Departures/commentary: Alexander Benjamin Craghead

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LocoNotes/diesel spotters: Kenneth M. Ardinger

Through My Lens/trackside adventures and memories: Kevin EuDaly

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