NOVEMBER 2019: SHIP AHOY! Steve Arnold takes us aboard Santa Fe’s forgotten carfloat operation across San Francisco Bay, while Paul Strubeck recounts the consolidation of New York Harbor’s extensive carfloat operations after Conrail. Jeff Mast and Lou Gerard take us across Lake Michigan by car ferry, while publisher Kevin EuDaly recalls the isolated Seattle & North Coast operation on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. All this and more in the November issue of Railfan & Railroad!

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November 2019

Volume 38, No. 11


Santa Fe on the Bay

by Steve Arnold — Carfloats allowed Santa Fe to extend its westernmost reach from Richmond to interchange with railroads in San Francisco. Shut down in 1984, it was the last surviving carfloat operation on San Francisco Bay.

Car Ferries of Lake Michigan

by Jeff Mast — To bypass Chicago, three railroads steamed across the lake.

Carfloats After Conrail

by Paul F. Strubeck — After consolidation, New York’s carfloat tradition survives.

2019 Railfan & Railroad Heritage Rail Tour

Your editors lead a fun tour through Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Changing Seasons on Canadian National’s Halton Subdivision

by Marcus W. Stevens — Improvements come to serve an expanding customer base.

Rambles Reborn

by Steve Barry — Steamtown recreates a classic icon of Reading Rambles.



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Capitol Lines/news from Washington: Don Phillips

Railroadiana/new product, book, and video reviews

Timetable/railroad event listings submitted by our readers

LocoNotes/diesel spotters: Kenneth M. Ardinger

Through My Lens/trackside adventures and memories: Kevin EuDaly

On The Menu/railroad dining, art, and culture: James D. Porterfield

ScanMan/the world of railroad radio: Vincent Reh

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