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AUGUST 2016: Maine's network of legendary two-foot gauge railroads closed in the 1940s, but the tiny railroads are coming back in a big way. Justin Franz takes us on a tour of the growing narrow gauge preservation movement in the Pine Tree State. Headed to Summerail? Michael Harding provides a detailed guide to railfanning Marion, Ohio. All this and more in the August issue of Railfan & Railroad!

Railfan & Railroad - July 2016

VOLUME 35, No. 7

This Month's Features

28 Reading & Northern/Amanda Oakes
While anthracite coal helped build these tracks a century ago, it’s today’s steady growth in local freight that keeps this network of branchlines busy

34 M-497: Built for Speed/Otto M. Vondrak
Dismissed as a publicity stunt, the true story of how the New York Central set an American speed record on a straightaway in Ohio 50 years ago

38 Route 66 Railway Revisited/Elrond Lawrence
To explore the heritage of the modern American West,
you need to follow the old Santa Fe from the shoulder of Route 66

46 Red, White & Blue/Staff
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the American Bicentennial

50 The American Freedom Train/Staff
The 1975-76 American Freedom Train inspired a 1977 photo contest

66 DIGTIAL EXTRA: Ashokan Farewell/Otto M. Vondrak
End of the line for Catskill Mountain Railroad


Departures/commentary: Alexander Craghead

Railnews/top news stories and photos

LocoNotes/diesel location and disposition data: Ken Ardinger

Transit Currents/transit news: Bob Gallegos

Capitol Lines/news from Washington: Wes Vernon

Railroadiana/new products, books and videos

Timetable/railroad events submitted by our readers

Camera Bag/photography tips and technique: Steve Barry

On the Menu/dining by rail: James D. Porterfield

Preservation/old stuff: Otto Vondrak

Markers/editorial commentary

Parting Shot/Tom Kline

On The Cover

Railfan & RailroadGenerations have traveled “The Mother Road” seeking adventure in the American West. While Route 66 has faded from road maps, there is still plenty to discover along the old Santa Fe route. Follow Elrond Lawrence, starting on page 38, as he combines the excitement of modern railroading with the heritage of roadside America. PHOTO BY ELROND LAWRENCE

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