On The Menu

On the Menu reports on the nearly 100 dinner trains operating in North America, depicts rail dining experiences from the past (everything from the Harvey Girls to feeding troops on trains in World War II), profiles the many interesting railroad chefs who produce culinary magic while working in a small kitchen and on a tight schedule, and describes contemporary rail dining experiences. For each June’s issue the column is expanded into a center pull-out travel-planner that lists all the dinner trains operating in North America.

About the Author

James PorterfieldJim Porterfield lives in State College, Pa. Aside from writing, he is a marketing instructor at The Pennsylvania State University and a school district specialist for a leading insurance company. He has been a loyal patron of Amtrak since 1976, and became a skilled cook testing recipes for his articles and books about food. James is also the author of several books related to railroad dining. To see more of Jim’s creative work, visit his site at www.jamesdporterfield.com.