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Great Railroad Photography 2010 - Contributors

Carstens Publication's Great Railroad Photography strives to bring you great essays that cross the bondaries of photographic style and expression. It's 100 pages packed with fascinating railroad images from yesterday and today! Don't take our word for it, meet the top lensmen that grace the pages of our newest annual...

Howard Ande is a well-known name in the railroad press. His photo and writing credits have appeared in Railway Age, Railfan & Railroad and other rail and non-rail publications. Howard is a freelance photographer living in the Chicago

Keith Burgess is a self-taught artist, born in Detroit in 1973. He has twice won the Center For Railroad Photography & Art’s Gold Award (2007, 2009). Keith strives to reveal the underlying emotion of what he describes as otherwise “everyday mundane objects.”

Steve Crise has always had an interest in trains, both as an artist and photographer. While he sketched trains at an early age, a photography class steered him towards working with a camera. He travels the U.S. working as a locaction photographer.

Ron Flanary has always lived in central Appalachia and is recognized for his work on the Louisville & Nashville and other regional subjects. He has written six books and authored over 100 articles for railroad magazines and historical societies, and is also an accomplished painter.

Elrond Lawrence is a writer, photographer and public relations professional with a passion for trains and roadside America. His photos and articles have appeared in hobby and industry magazines for over 20 years; his debut book, Route 66 Railway, was released in 2008. Elrond lives in California with his wife and family.

Scott Lothes was born in Elkins, West Virginia, and has been a frequent contributor to the railroad press. He has authored 22 articles and has over 200 published photographs. He is a two time award winner in the Center For Railroad
Photograph & Art photo contest.

Kevin Scanlon lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his wife, writer Dory Adams. In addition to working on his industrial landscape series, he is currently exploring street photography in Pittsburgh’s diverse neighborhoods.

Karl Zimmermann is a writer, photographer and lecturer and has authored or co-authored 22 books. He has been published in newspaper travel sections many hundreds of times and in magazines nearly as often.

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